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ICE Rentals

Equipment rentals in the ICT Environment

ICT Equipment rentals from laptops to servers

Rental units ranging from 24 hours up to 12 months

Having access to a great variety of refurbished ICT Equipment, we can provide a complete short-term solution at reasonable pricing as well as a flexibility guarantee.

Events/Conferencing Solutions

With our extended network of offerings, we can provide comprehensive short-term events and conferencing solutions including but not limited to, technical site supervision, setup and configuration, connectivity, visual and audio solutions etc.

Premium Technical Support

As part of our specialized services, we include technical support including but not limited to setup and configurations, onsite technicians for events/conferences. Office 365 packages can be arranged as and when needed.

Business All Risk Insurance

Every piece of equipment as a standard has a Business All Risk Insurance Policy. Should anything happen to the equipment under your capacity, rest assured that the unit is completely insured in case of loss or damage.